• Image of Arai GP6-s

- Complex Laminate Construction (CLC)

- Larger opening for increase ease when taking helmet on or off

- Single inlet and exhaust vents

- Visor locking system with lever for easier opening

- 3mm thick, two-dimensional visor with F1 aluminium visor system prepared for the use of tear-offs

- Multi-Density Hybrid inner shell

- Approved Fire-resistant lining consisting of 3 materials, Carbon Nit, Nomex and *Conex

- Kevlar chin strap

Now Snell SA2015 certified, with the new M6 washer/nut installed at the factory. With the 6mm washer/nut installed, anyone can now easily install a variety of Head and Neck Restraint systems that use a 6mm bolt to their helmet. This helmet also comes with the FIA-8859-2015 certification sticker applied to the interior liner of the helmet.